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What is the Attendee Journey Planner (AJP)?

The AI-powered Attendee Journey Planner widget, located on the registration confirmation page, empowers your event attendees to efficiently plan and optimize their visit. By leveraging advanced AI technology, this intuitive tool guides attendees through the event experience, enabling them to maximize their time and make the most of every opportunity. Say goodbye to information overload and hello to a streamlined and rewarding journey for your event attendees.

How does it help my event?

Events that proactively assist their attendees in preplanning their journey will reap the following advantages

Attendee satisfaction

Attendees are satisfied when they meet the right exhibitors and make the most of their visit

Satisfied exhibitors

Driving the right and relevant visitors to the exhibitors stands is what every exhibitor is after.

Higher registration numbers

Attendees will be able to share personalized AI generated posts on social media that includes all the relevant hashtags and hence increase the community size.

Leads relevance

Exhibitors can now enjoy relevant leads who are more likely to monetize.

Higher registration to attendance conversion

Registrants are more likely to attend when they know how their visit looks like and how much time is going to take them to complete.

Advanced analytics 

Organizers gain valuable data to anticipate show attendance patterns.

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Visit Planning

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